Tiny homes made in Colorado for healthy living and a lower carbon footprint. Highly customizable and certified green, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are designed to simplify your life.

Live Healthy!

Tumbleweed Tiny House Key Features

Tumbleweed: Off-grid, RV, camping, and more!

  • Size and Space: The example Tumbleweed Cypress 26′ offers a comfortable 26 feet in length with 215 sq ft of living space on the main floor and an additional 77 sq ft in the sleeping loft, accommodating 1 + 2 in the loft.

Take a break from the daily grind in a tiny house!

  • Certifications: RVIA Certified and Green Certified, ensuring eco-friendly and high-quality construction.
  • Delivery: Convenient pickup in Colorado or delivery available throughout the entire USA.
  • Payment Plans: Easy financing options with down payments as low as ZERO for qualified buyers.

Discounts available! Save $1,000s!

  • Community Heroes: Special pricing for Military, Educators, and First Responders.
  • Customization: Design your own Tumbleweed in minutes with a FREE instant price quote.

Design your own work-from-home room!

  • Virtual Tours: Explore 3D virtual tours, get inspired by kitchen ideas, and discover sleeping options.

Enough space to have a kitchen, cook, and enjoy life!

  • Factory Tours: Go behind the scenes and witness how Tumbleweed builds these exceptional tiny homes.
  • Lifestyle Blog: Read inspirational stories and tips from Tumbleweed builders and buyers.

Who It’s For:

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses cater to a diverse audience:

  • Individuals looking to save money and simplify their lives.
  • Free-spirited individuals seeking a unique living experience.
  • Remote workers in search of a compact home office.

Stay at a Tumbleweed hotel near you in the United States!

  • Vacationers desiring an off-grid getaway.
  • DIY enthusiasts eager to customize their own space.
  • RV enthusiasts who want a mobile home.
  • Retirees seeking an alternative and adventurous lifestyle.

Final Verdict

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has been leading the tiny house movement since 1999, and their dedication to sustainability and customizability is commendable. These tiny homes offer a simple yet fulfilling way of life while reducing your carbon footprint. The convenience of nationwide delivery, financing options, and special pricing for community heroes make them accessible to a wide range of individuals.

As the demand for alternative living arrangements grows, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses provide a comfortable and efficient space.


A new experience awaits!

In summary, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are an excellent choice for those looking to downsize, simplify, and embrace a greener way of living.

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