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power on and power off can help!

if you feel exhausted in the morning and can’t sleep at night, read power on power off!

this entertaining e-book includes reminders to have energy and sleep like an astronaut!

Power On Power Off is an introductory eBook that wants to help you regulate your energy. Even if you have a weird schedule, this eBook will assist you to recover the energy you need to thrive in life and at work and to know when to rest to recharge.

In the Power On section, our secret is SPINACH! If you ever watched Popeye, you must remember he was the coolest and strongest. We have several reasons why spinach is awesome for your energy. And for your entertainment, you will read the real story about Popeye (he was a real person!)

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If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. We have added a special scientific report about COVID-19.

And to sleep like an astronaut, the Power Off section includes tips you might have forgotten because you work too much or you play too much, whatever the case is. No worries. We want to remind you how easy is to never lose your sheep (or your mind!) when you try to sleep. Excellent advice by doctors!

We appreciate you and we want to see you healthy.




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