“WOW. The other day I was talking to a friend and they said: Mentally, COVID got me trippin’. #facts.”

These times are not easy. That’s why it’s important to get stronger in body, mind, and spirit. The CDC [   1   ] recommends:

Stay connected with faith-based organizations. And have hope.

Make your mental health a priority. Re-connect with your faith, have hope, and look forward to a brighter future. #TryMagentaWisdom

Try activities you enjoy.

Back to being fabulous. Do things you love and see how your mood improves. Avoid emotional eating.

Talk to others.  Conversation matters [   2   ].

Take the banana phone and call 1-800-HEAR-ME-OUT. We all need to vent! Try Reddit forums to express anonymously.

Try meditation [   3   ].

Meditation can help you feel calm in the midst of chaos. #facts #TryMagentaWisdom

Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including those on social media.

Don’t panic over fake news and information overload. Get healthy, get strong, and get wise. Try fitness at home.

Eat healthy TO PROTECT YOUR BRAIN [  16  ].

Blueberries, broccoli, avocado, spinach, eggs, and dark chocolate are your BFFs for mental health. Try garlic to prevent a heart attack.

Avoid substance abuse [  17  ].

Wine is the answer. What was the question? It’s Ok to unwind with wine, but don’t abuse. #stayhealthy

Get the COVID-19 vaccine [  18  ]. Get your routine checkups and consider getting more vaccines, including the flu.

To immunity and beyond. “Vaccines help to protect yourself, your coworkers, your patients, your family, and your community.” The CDC.



If you are in crisis, get help ASAP:

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1 year ago

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